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Ontario Pathways recently lost a friend.
Jim Judkins was with us since the beginning helping wherever he could.

Jim could often be found out on the trail with his trusty bow saw, trimming anything needing to be trimmed or cleaning up after storms.
He'd tackle with that bow saw logs that others would leave for a chainsaw crew.

Pictured below is Jim arriving at a trailhead for a day of trimming in October 2011.
Jim's preferred mode of transportation was his Moto Guzzi with side car for his bow saw.

Jim Judkins





Sunday February 9th 4:00 - 8:00 PM

Location: Holiday Harbor Club House, Canandaigua

Bring a dish to share (including serving utensil), your beverage and your own table ware.


Summer on the pathway     Photo Dean Bates







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